Project Description

PrintEat! is the contest that will revolutionize the concept of pasta as we know it, not only for what concerns the shape, but subverting the whole productive systems.
How is it possible?
We live in the era of the third industrial revolution and the 3D printing is the key to innovate many manufacturing is actually investing to create its own 3D printers to produce new amazing shapes of pasta.

The project PrintEat! was thought to be the turning point towards this new system of production. It could be the solution to problems such as storage or space saving for example; we can create new shapes that will help in the communicating moods and emotions.
Finally it could also represents a solution to create unique and innovative new dishes.

These are just a few creative starting points for designers who will have the task to create a 3D model that will become a real prototype that will be produced directly by Barilla.
The winning prototype must be printed with an FDM 3D printer type.

Now it’s time to spread the wings of creativity and imagine what could be eat in the future by millions of people.

That’s it! This is PrintEat!

Project Details

  • Client

    Contest PrintEat! for Barilla

  • Skills

    • Cinema4D
    • V-ray